Lilly commercial lease and enforcement wins for Bourbon Street client

By September 18, 2015Lease

When a long-time French Quarter restaurateur purchased his first building on Bourbon Street in 2013, we worked together to create a commercial lease. When the client wanted two phases of renovation done to the building, we created detailed addenda and default provisions to memorialize the tenant’s long-term promises.

When the tenant didn’t keep his renovation promises in early 2015, I enforced the lease against him.

Now, only 2 months after the client’s written lease termination, and just over 6 weeks after the tenant preemptively sued, a New Orleans judge has granted my client’s eviction request. Beylikdüzü escort

In 8 pages of reasons, the judge cited this office’s enforcement efforts 10 times. You can read the ruling here.

The time and money involved in commercial leases make them particularly tough to terminate. That’s even more true on Bourbon Street. Nobody enters into a lease anticipating a dispute, but commercial landlords know that experienced lease litigators draft the best commercial leases. , Canlı Casino Siteleri

Let’s make your commercial lease work for you, before a dispute arises.

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